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Focused Approach delivers specialized children’s services and programs for professionals and individual families, with an initial concentration in feeding therapy.

 Training for ABA Professionals

Focused Approach helps clinics and hospitals add or enhance feeding programs by training providers to address a wide range of feeding difficulties

Professional Consultations

For clinics already offering basic feeding support but not equipped for complex cases, Focused Approach offers consultative packages to ensure optimal outcomes

Individual Feeding Therapy

Our Focused On Feeding program is designed to help children 6 months to 16 years old master and enjoy eating a variety of foods



Why Focused Approach?

We go above and beyond generalized services, tackling the most complex and unique pediatric challenges. Our model takes into account medical, behavioral, oral motor skill building, and sensory sensitivities to create tailored treatment plans.



For Professionals

Partner with Focused Approach to unlock new possibilities for your clinic, providers, and clients

Our research-based Focused on Feeding program:

Complements existing services, enabling a more comprehensive offering

Empowers your team to address significant food refusal behaviors

Improves staff satisfaction and retention

Increases client attendance rates



For Families

Our personalized assessments and treatment plans support children in developing healthy eating habits

Do you dread mealtime?

Does your child refuse to eat entire food groups?

Is your child more than a picky eater?

Have you tried sensory-based programs with little progress?

Our proven Focused on Feeding program:

Delivers results in one-hour per day sessions

Uses virtual in-home sessions to support real-world, long-term results

Is effective for various feeding issues, from minor to complex cases

Is built upon Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and clinical psychology principles

If you are new to therapy or seeking follow up care from
 an alternate program, we can help.

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BCBAs, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists have all seen success with Focused Approach’s program






Focused Approach Launches “Focused on Feeding”
Program to Fill Critical Gap in Pediatric Feeding
Therapy for Parents, Professionals, and Clinics