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12-Year-Old Transforms From Purees to Adventurous Eater.

Multiple therapies left Jack with minimal progress; Focused on Feeding
got him eating 10 new foods in only 11 sessions and enjoying mealtime

Jack is a 12-year-old boy who has only been eating baby food. His family had tried several different therapies over the course of the last 2-3 years which resulted in minimal improvement in Jack’s eating behavior. This typically developing child was primarily eating fruit packets mixed with oatmeal and baby sweet potato puffs. Jack was full term at birth, at 8 months he was eating baby cereal and purees, but never progressed to table foods.

In a quest to break free from this challenging eating pattern, Jack’s family decided to enroll him in a feeding intensive program available through an online platform. His parents, true champions, took an active role in the training process. They immersed themselves in understanding the principles of the program and learned how to play a crucial role in Jack’s journey towards healthier eating.

Everyone, including Jack himself, was fully committed to helping him overcome his food aversions and broaden his palate. Jack’s program started with a baseline review and a thorough assessment of the required treatment, followed by a well-defined course of action. The sessions involved therapists, Jack, and his dedicated parents. The parents received training not only in the art of food preparation but also in providing essential guidance and reinforcement for effective feeding techniques.

After just 11 pediatric feeding therapy sessions, Jack made significant strides in diversifying his diet. He welcomed ten new foods into his daily meals. Perhaps the most telling sign of progress was his remarkable reduction in gag reflex when trying a new food – from 17 instances down to zero!