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Focused Approach Launches “Focused on Feeding” Program to Fill Critical Gap
 in Pediatric Feeding Therapy for Families, Professionals, and Clinics

Company leverages Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to address the most complex and unique
feeding challenges for neurodivergent and neurotypical children, nationwide

Focused Approach, a leading provider of specialized children’s services and programs, with an initial concentration on feeding therapy, today commercially launched its “Focused on Feeding” program to deliver transformative care for children six months through sixteen years old. Focused on Feeding is now available for both individualized, telehealth feeding therapy, as well as a professional offering for clinics looking to add a comprehensive feeding program or to enhance its existing feeding services.

As many as 45% of typically developing and 80% of neurodivergent children have feeding difficulties, ranging from difficulty chewing or transitioning to solid food to complex medical conditions such as tube dependency, reflux, and allergies. Feeding issues are significantly more common for autistic children, with up to 88% having limited food preferences (eating less than 20 foods) and 46% experiencing hypersensitivity to food textures.

“Feeding difficulties and inadequate nutrition in children not only impact their hunger and mood but also serve as a silent roadblock that affects their receptiveness to therapies like occupational therapy (OT) and speech therapy,” said Dena E. Kelly, LPC, BCBA, LBS, CEO and Founder of Focused Approach. “We’re dedicated to eliminating those obstacles and accelerating the overall success for children, their families, and their therapists.”

Unlike other approaches, which can actually heighten childrens’ anxieties, Focused on Feeding provides structure and introduces new foods that align with the child’s existing preferences. By slowly challenging them out of their comfort zone, using positive reinforcement strategies, and involving the entire family in a real-world environment, kids gain confidence to expand their diet.

“Focused Approach saved my 12-year old daughter’s life – taking her from hospitalization for malnutrition and requiring an NG tube to sustain her body, to over 2,000 calories per day orally in a matter of weeks,” said Carolyn Witrock. “Not only does our daughter no longer require a feeding tube, she is now eating a variety of foods and is thriving. We received care from one of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals, but it was Focused Approach that offered the program that changed our lives.”

Expanding upon its initial success treating children six months old through pre-teens since its founding in Summer 2023, Focused Approach is now offering its Focused on Feeding program to families and clinics nationwide.

The Focused on Feeding program seamlessly integrates into clinics already leveraging ABA principles to tackle a variety of skill-building and behavior challenges and can empower therapists to effectively address substantial feeding difficulties helping clients achieve faster results.

“Focused on Feeding is exactly what this field has been craving,” said Brittany Doan, MS, BCBA, LBA, LBS-PA. “Not only does this approach help families with some of the most challenging and complex feeding issues, it propels Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to apply their ABA expertise to feeding. I look forward to seeing the positive changes it will bring to countless lives and look forward to the transformation it will inspire in the industry and beyond.”

Clinics interested in learning more about adding an effective feeding therapy program or families who would like to arrange an evaluation, please visit:

About Focused Approach
Focused Approach is a leading provider of specialized children’s services and programs, with an initial concentration on feeding therapy. Founded by a top authority in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and clinical psychology, Focused Approach’s Focused on Feeding program uses trusted, research-based techniques to address a wide scale of feeding challenges. Focused Approach delivers training and consultation to BCBA professionals, partners with existing clinics to add results-driven, full feeding programs into their offerings, and delivers direct feeding therapy support for families. Focused Approach goes above and beyond generalized services, tackling the most challenging and unique pediatric challenges. For more information, visit