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Did you know… that up to 80% of neurodivergent children struggle with feeding difficulties?

Make your clinic the one-stop shop for your patients by empowering your staff to address feeding challenges and achieve better outcomes.

Why Choose Focused on Feeding?

Complements Your Existing Services
Our program seamlessly integrates with your current offerings, making your clinic the go-to destination for all your patients’ needs

Unlocks a New Revenue
Don’t lose valuable billable hours. Keep your patients in your clinic for feeding therapy appointments and increase your revenue potential

Enhances Staff Satisfaction and Retention
We understand the importance of professional development. By implementing Focused on Feeding, you’ll keep your therapists engaged, valued, and satisfied

Improves Client Attendance
Parents prioritize feeding therapy appointments. By offering Focused on Feeding, you’ll ensure consistent attendance, boosting your client success rate

Accelerates Client Success
Feeding difficulties, inadequate nutrition, and hunger can hinder progress in other therapies. Remove this roadblock and help your clients achieve faster results

Uses Proven Techniques
Focused on Feeding utilizes familiar and proven techniques that your therapists are already trained in. We tailor these techniques specifically to treat feeding disorders

Apply Proven ABA Principles to Feeding

Focused on Feeding leverages applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques to deliver a comprehensive, evidence-backed feeding therapy program

Clinics can now leverage the ABA principles, already integrated into their practice, to effectively address substantial feeding challenges, enhancing comprehensive care programs

Our Professional Services

Feeding Therapy Training

Our comprehensive training packages are designed to meet the unique needs of your clinic and staff, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively address feeding challenges

Individual Consultations

If you have concerns about a client, our experts can provide general consultations, tailored treatment plans, or ongoing support for the best possible outcome

CEU Courses

We offer continuing education courses, covering feeding disorder evaluations, assessments, and treatments

*This service does not directly offer certification to implement feeding treatments

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