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In my work as a speech therapist who treats swallowing disorders, there have been some patients who also need a behavioral approach to feeding. Dena is very knowledgeable about the impact feeding has on attention, focus, speech development and sensory regulation. With her many years… Read More »

Feeding therapy is an emotionally complex intervention requiring both the parents’ involvement and a clinical team with extensive training. Dena has artfully mastered the difficult task of providing a nurturing and supportive environment while empowering her client’s caregiving team. From intensive to consultation to mentorship,… Read More »

I have co-consulted with Dena across two clients with such significant feeding difficulties that they were only able to consume puréed foods. Within weeks, through her comprehensive program, Dena was able to help guide them past their fears toward consuming nutritious solid foods. They have… Read More »

Working alongside Dena Kelly quite literally changed my life. She introduced me to the world of pediatric feeding disorders and the evidence-based practices used to treat them. This has since become my life’s passion. In the countless families we worked with together, each program was… Read More »